“Mobility Business Innovation Contest 2022” Interim presentation session was held.

On October 10, 2022, the “Mobility Business Innovation Contest (M-BIC) 2022” interim presentation session was held. 13 student teams proposed new business models utilizing automated driving, & the judges provided advice for the final judging session.

Overview of the Interim Presentations
 The interim presentation was positioned as a co-hosted event of the SIP-adus Workshop 2022, it was held in a hybrid format using both the venue at Imadegawa Campus in Doshisha University, & an online session. A total of 47 people, including 30 students from 10 universities, graduate schools, & technical colleges across Japan & 17 other participants, gathered at the venue, & 54 people participated online.
   Thirteen student teams proposed plans for businesses that take advantage of the features of automated driving & are unique to automated driving. In response to the student presentations, the five judges gave advice on how to further refine their ideas from the following five perspectives: “How concretely society & lives of customers & experiences changes are depicted”, “Necessity of automated driving”, “Novelty & progressiveness”, “Depth of analysis”, “Business feasibility in the envisioned future”.

Future Activities
   Based on the advice given at the interim presentation session, the student teams will further discuss their ideas with the relevant people in industry, government, & academia, & further brush up on their ideas for the final judging session on Oct. 10 (Sat.).
 Anyone can watch the final judging session via online by signing up at the following URL.

Overview of the entire event
 The Mobility Innovation Alliance Japan, the University of Tokyo – Mobility Innovation Collaborative Research Organization, & Doshisha University – Mobility Research Center are sponsoring the competition, which is supported by the Cabinet Office & Digital Agency, & co-sponsored by 13 private companies & organizations.
 This is an unprecedented business contest in which students, mainly students, discuss ways to make automated driving a “means” to create a sustainable & better society, transcending the boundaries between industry, academia, & government. 13 teams of students have learned about the latest technologies, legal systems, & private sector initiatives related to automated driving through 4 study sessions.
 For more information on the event, please visit the official website.

Mobility Innovation Alliance Japan
Mobility Innovation Collaborative Research Organization, The University of Tokyo
Mobility Research Center, Doshisha University

Supported by
Cabinet Office, Government of Japan
Digital Agency

Supported by
Special Sponsors: 
Neo Career Co., Ltd. / BOLDLY, Inc. / Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. / Advanced Smart Mobility Co., Ltd. / News Technology Inc. / EV AICHI, Inc. / Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group / TIER IV, Inc.
Honda Mobility Solutions Co., Ltd. / WILLER, Inc. / Densan System Co., Ltd. / XXADE Inc. / Kyoto Qualia Forum

Affiliations of students participating in the contest
Osaka Public University College of Technology, Kagawa University / Graduate School, Kyoto University, University of Tokyo / Graduate School, Doshisha University / Graduate School, Hiroshima University Graduate School, Yokohama National University Graduate School

Hiroya Maeda, President, Urban-X Technologies, Inc.
Midori Maeda, Business Development Department, General Promotion Division, Open House Group, Inc.
Sachiko Wada, Representative Director, Tasukaji Inc.
Yasuhiro Akagi, Project Associate Professor, Mobility Society Research Institute, Organization for the Creation of Future Society, Nagoya University
Jun Usami, Senior Advisor to the Director-General of the Digital Agency

Grand Prize (200,000 yen)
Excellence Award (100,000 yen)
Special prizes: NeoCareer Award, BOLDLY Award, ASMobi Award, MRI Award, TIER IV Award, News Technology Award, Mitsui-Sumitomo Kaijo Award