Alliance for Promoting Mobility Innovation

Towards the Development and
Realization of Automated Driving,
a New Form of Mobility


The activities of Alliance for Promoting Mobility Innovation has terminated in March 2023, due to the termination of the 2nd phase of SIP-adus. The current web-site is no longer updating.
This “Alliance for Promoting Mobility Innovation” activities were taken over and have been continuing by the new association, “Mobility Innovation Alliance Japan”.


People require mobility for daily living and society. Improvements in mobility have extended people’s range and reduced travel times, resulting in changes in lifestyles and social models. In this context, the development and realization of automated driving, which is a new form of mobility, requires collaboration among experts from many disciplines. In Japan, collaboration among industry, government and academia, as well as among ministries and agencies, have been promoted through the SIP-adus project under the auspices of the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, bringing together diverse experts for the development and social implementation of automated driving. There has also been collaboration with other countries. In January 2017, the Joint Declaration of Intent on the Promotion of Research and Development on Automated Driving Technologies was concluded between the Cabinet Office and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). International collaboration with the Horizon 2020 project under the auspices of the European Commission in R&D on automated driving is being studied. In Japan, further collaboration among industry, government and academia is required to change the industrial structure; enhance international competitiveness; revitalize R&D to leverage recent developments in ICT and IoT; address the declining birth rate and population aging in Japan; tackle changes caused by the globalization of industry; work toward attaining the sustainable development goals (SDGs); and adapt to changes in the surrounding environment and technologies.

Under these circumstances, the Mobility Innovation Collaborative Research Organization, The University of Tokyo (UTmobI), established in July 2018, and is operated by the University of Tokyo(UTmobI), launched the Alliance for Promoting Mobility Innovation in April 2019. This body is intended to help research teams and centers affiliated with universities and research institutes conducting R&D in Japan to share information and exchange opinions, facilitate R&D in scientific fields effectively and efficiently, and assist mutual cooperation as needed.
This will boost collaboration among experts in various scientific fields and create new knowledge to ensure that automated driving is truly beneficial for people’s lives.


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